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Water Exemption Link

Use this link to apply for a water exemption for a new lawn and have a browse at the other useful information Water Coop provides.

End of year bookings
Please book NOW for any landscaping works you'd like completed before the end of 2016 as our schedule is almost full. We always keep a day each week open for reticulation surgery, but those spots also fill quickly, so contact us as soon as you can!

Time for lawns and plants!
Now is the time to book your landscaping project for Autumn. It's a busy
time because the weather lends itself to turf and plant installations.
Don't delay! Get plants and lawns done in time to take advantage of the
winter rains.

Retic Check Time!
It's cheaper than you think to have your reticulation system checked out when you turn it on for summer. And much better than a nasty water bill when you realise that it's leaking! Call now for a consult.


We can organise paving! Brad's Planet uses a couple of local tradespeople at a competitive price. Install only, or we can get the pavers too!

Reticulation Service!
Why waste dollars, dead plants and water with a leaky, faulty reticulation system? Phone and book a retic service for as little as $77. 

Autumn Bookings
Autumn is here and we're getting lots done! This is a great time to lay turf, get gardens in and perhaps consider downsizing lawn areas for next summer. Please allow a few weeks for job scheduling at this busy time of year. Get in now for a quote!

Deck time!
Would you like a deck? Wouldn't we all?
Ring now for a 'price per square metre' quote. Choose from treated pine, batu or merbau, either nailed or stainless steel screwed. A great addition over the Winter months so your new deck is ready to use this Spring!




In the harsh Perth climate, it is still possible to create a waterwise, structured,
neat garden.
Clever use of walls, paths, steppers, water-wise lawn areas and plants
with a
drip irrigation system makes for a one-stop landscaping shop
 with Brad's Planet.
Add on a water-tank or two, patio, pizza-oven
or spa concrete pad, raised vegie patch beds...

 Landscaping a new build or re-doing a garden is a lot like colouring-in.
We sit down together and design your space, discuss the bare bones,
then start adding on garden & lifestyle features according to your budget and needs.

Makeover - Pinjarra

This client wanted to jazz up a tired cottage on a budget. We reused pavers and 'seconds' jarrah sleepers, had our local carpenter Shaun from Smiley Carpentry build new steps, used crushed limestone to create a parking bay and driveway and installed Kikuyu Village Green to set off raised vegie beds and fruit trees.

Ready for Sale - Secret Harbour

This house needed a facelift in order to appeal to buyers. Being rented out had destroyed retic, lawn and plants, so new everything was the order of the day. The lawn is Palmetto and we think it looks great!

Makeover - South Yunderup

We took a tired old garden on the South Yunderup canals and gave it a new lease on life.
Liaising with local trades Smiley Carpentry, Auscrete Services and Kanyana Engineering, we
transformed this property into a haven for modern living.

160418124552_12985366_1173377639359250_1235363023355582417_n 160418124552_12936552_1173377609359253_5888839684421563592_n 160418124552_12928169_1173377686025912_9111333759847815263_n

New Build - Halls Head

These clients wanted a pretty garden with a few practical considerations thrown in,
like an extended alfresco that was also tough enough to drive on. We designed and
installed the lot, from Liquid Limestone to fully automatic reticulation, a limestone retaining
wall and edging, gorgeous 'Village Green' turf and waterwise planting. The result is quite
a transformation!

151026013848_collage_20151022145628102_20151022145702308 151026013848_collage_20151022145430530_20151022145455027 151026013848_collage_20151022145042756

New build - Mariner's Cove

The clients of this new build on the Mariner's Cove canals asked Brad's Planet
to manage the entire exterior landscaping of their home.
The result is stunning and is featured in the 2016 MBA winning homes magazine.
 Project management was by Brad to arrange
and install high quality hardscaping, hidden auto reticulation
and features like canal lighting. Garden design was by Terri in a palette of orange,
yellow and white flowers including kangaroo paw, prot ea, clivia sourced from the
national champion cultivator, mass planted fragrant bulbs and hedging gardenia.
As always we thank and appreciate our local trades and suppliers including
Smiley Carpentry, Napa Concrete Solutions, Anytime Contracting Excavating,
Foreshore Electrical, Hakjac Plumbing, Vido's turf, Total Eden Mandurah
and Dirt n Boondies.


New Build - Dawesville

The owners of this lovely new property in Dawesville were left with an awkward corner block and no backyard. The solution? Enclose the corner! With beautiful new Kikuyu Village Green lawn, easy care plants and a lovely paved path with steps, this property looks, quite literally... a million bucks!

Rental Landscaping - Lakelands

Got yourself a rental to finish? We can help you get those soakwells in,
create a low maintenance garden with an auto reticulation system,
lush family-friendly soft turf and easy care plants
150705060632_collage_20150617110501855_20150617110529245 150705060632_collage_20150617110319507_20150617110342813_20150617110609224


  Outdoor Living Project - Dawesville
Add value and quality of living to your back yard. Choose flooring options like decking,
concrete or paving. Add in a pavillion or pergola, outdoor lighting and power, turf, plants.
How about a bar?
150705055001_collage_20150705133629364 150705055001_10456824_1001795009850848_8990635146803833179_n

From Scratch in Seascapes

The brief for this client was to create a low maintenance, formal garden with no grass.
With some edging, artificial turf, Betterwood aluminium infill gates,
mulch and plants, this one came up a treat!

150314053950_11015234_943474528997033_405587708_n 150314053950_11001072_943534142324405_1234357199_o

From scratch in Silver Sands

This Silver Sands family had a new build on a block with a yard of sand.
They now have a gorgeous garden with a citrus grove, olive trees, hedges,
 perfect (and soft) lawn all with a hidden auto-reticulation system,
a salt-wa ter pool with semi-frameless glass fence,
custom built pool feature with waterblade waterfall
 as well as granite paving throughout the alfresco and pool area.
And what about that outdoor kitchen! Who wants to move in?

Dawesville Cut

Want to liaise with just one person to complete your outdoor areas?
We provide project management and have multiple quality trades on hand
to get the job done.
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Firepit & Family Gathering Area

Want something individual or unusual designed? No problem. Just ask.

Multiple dwellings

Brad's Planet works with developers to landscape new and existing properties.
We work to budget, within timelines and don't charge extra for garden design.

141118055456_Collage_1 141118055456_Banksia_Terrace

Yard Blitz

From Scratch in Lakelands

From Scratch in Secret Harbour
131107021237_sh3 131107021237_sh2 131107021237_SH1
use efficient dripline and MP rotator sprinklers to get the water
 where it needs to go and not have it blown away in the sea breeze!

Front Yard Makeover - Melros
The Process - in as little as a few days we can transform that sand to a garden!
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