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Water Exemption Link

Use this link to apply for a water exemption for a new lawn and have a browse at the other useful information Water Coop provides.

End of year bookings
Please book NOW for any landscaping works you'd like completed before the end of 2016 as our schedule is almost full. We always keep a day each week open for reticulation surgery, but those spots also fill quickly, so contact us as soon as you can!

Time for lawns and plants!
Now is the time to book your landscaping project for Autumn. It's a busy
time because the weather lends itself to turf and plant installations.
Don't delay! Get plants and lawns done in time to take advantage of the
winter rains.

Retic Check Time!
It's cheaper than you think to have your reticulation system checked out when you turn it on for summer. And much better than a nasty water bill when you realise that it's leaking! Call now for a consult.


We can organise paving! Brad's Planet uses a couple of local tradespeople at a competitive price. Install only, or we can get the pavers too!

Reticulation Service!
Why waste dollars, dead plants and water with a leaky, faulty reticulation system? Phone and book a retic service for as little as $77. 

Autumn Bookings
Autumn is here and we're getting lots done! This is a great time to lay turf, get gardens in and perhaps consider downsizing lawn areas for next summer. Please allow a few weeks for job scheduling at this busy time of year. Get in now for a quote!

Deck time!
Would you like a deck? Wouldn't we all?
Ring now for a 'price per square metre' quote. Choose from treated pine, batu or merbau, either nailed or stainless steel screwed. A great addition over the Winter months so your new deck is ready to use this Spring!




Start from Scratch
Need some help with landscaping your new home? We can start from scratch and itemise every section of your yard, giving you control over the budget and the speed with which your garden develops.
Need some help with landscaping your new home? We can start from scratch and itemise every section of your yard, giving you control over the budget and the speed with which your garden develops.
101221030533_fell_backyard_3 101221030532_fell_backyard_2 101221030532_fell_backyard_1
Freshen it up
100524012607_photo2 100524012607_photo
Take a fresh approach to your garden beds with new mulch, drip irrigation and some carefully placed plants.
Reticulation at the Ready
100526022052_P1040516 100526022052_P1040515
Use efficient forms of irrigation to minimise water wastage. 
Build a Bed
Use a variety of products to create new garden beds.
Live with Lawn
131107021657_Bouvard 100524023004_Turf_&_edging 100524023004_mulched-garden-on-slope
Lawn can be easy care and green. Get some advice on how to create perfect lawn areas. 
Play with Pebbles
100524022623_Stacked_Water_Feature 100524022623_Drought_&_Pebble
Use pebbles and stones creatively to reduce lawn area and create interest.
Splish Splash
100524032358_bonython_water_feature 100524023406_Water_Feature
Add a sense of luxury and design with a well-placed water feature.
Go Large!
100526021141_P1020981 100526021141_P1020980 100526021141_P1020978
Need help managing a larger project for a school, church or community group?
We can provide one point of contact, one quote and one BIG result!
Ready for Sale
101028051426_makeover_3 101028051426_makeover2 101028051426_makeover1
Need some wow factor to sell your home? We can blitz your yard to get it ready for a great sale.   
Low Maintenance
110201083559_navid_1 110201083559_navid3
Isn't that the new garden buzz phrase? Everyone wants a low maintenance, low water-use garden that still looks smart and cared for. Use clever combinations of hardscape and plants and use drip reticulation.
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